It’s all in the name. The Pioner Multi has such an intelligent design that its usability stretches from that of an emergency boat to a fishing boat, to a diving boat and a country boat. Professional seafarers love this boat, which offers extensive features and high loading capacity. The bow port which is now 92cm wide is lowered with a rust-free hoist, which eases embarking/disembarking and loading/unloading. It has a simple design and is extremely seaworthy. There are many more than just professional boaters who need a Pioner Multi.
Farge|Färg|Colour none ...
Motor none ...
Uten motor|Utan motor|No engine
70 HK
75 HK
80 HK
Konsoll og oppbevaring|Styrning, säten & förvaring|Steering & Seating none ...
Styrekonsoll Bred alt. Smal|Styrpulpet Bred alt. Smal|Steering console (wide or narrow)
Passasjerkonsoll|Passagerarpulpet|Passenger console
Vindskjermbøyle|Vindrutebåge|Windscreen rail
Pute baksete|Dyna akterbänk|Cushion stern bench
Ekstrabox midt|Extra säte/box|Extra box
Pute til ekstra seteboks|Dyna till extra säte/box|Cushion to extra box
Annet utstyr|Annan utrustning|Other equipment none ...
Lanternemast|Lanternmast|Lantern mast
Ryggstøtte med puterull til targabøyle|Ryggstöd till targabåge|Back support for A-frame
Rekkesett front (styrbord+babord)|Sidoräcken för (styrbord+babord)|Rails fore
Rekkesett akter (styrbord+babord)|Sidoräcken akter (styrbord+babord)|Rails stern
Pulpit|Pulpit för|Pulpit fore
Tilbehør|Ytterligare tillval|Extra choices none ...
Brakett til ekkolodd|Givarfäste för ekolod|Mounting bracket for sonar
Konsolltrekk|Pulpethuva|Hood for console
Akterkalesje|Akterkapell|Canopy stern